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Kispray Fabric Conditioner

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Kispray Fabric ConditionerKispray Fabric Conditioner is a fabric conditioner in concentrate form that offers 5 advantages at once such as: freshening, softening, color protection when being dried in direct sunlight, freeing clothes from germs, and containing defoamer formula to ease rinsing process by just 1 rinse.



  1. Encapsulation technology to give fragrance sensation of long lasting perfume scent. The fragrance sensation will reappear by rubbing your clothes, although they have been stored for a long time.
  2. Contains conditioner which is useful for softening the fabrics. The conditioner makes clothing fiber soft and smooth as silk.
  3. Color protection formula to reduce color fading on your clothing when being dried under direct sunlight.
  4. Contains sanitizer to make clothing free from germs.
  5. Contains defoamer formula to fully dissolve the foam and makes rinsing process easier by just 1 rinse

Product Distribution

Variants and Packaging


  1. Pink: with pink perfume sensation
  2. Blue: with blue perfume sensation


No. Packaging Volume per Unit Content per Carton
1 Hanger 1 hanger 24 sachets @10ml 576 sachets
2 Refill pouch 300ml 24 pouches
3 Bottle 288ml 24 bottles

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Product FAQ
Why Kispray Conditioner contains long lasting fragrance although the clothes have been stored for days?

Kispray conditioner uses encapsulation technology (keep the perfume’s particle in micro capsule) thus the freshness and fragrance can last for days.

When there is friction, the perfume particles will be released from the capsules and the fragrance will reappear on the fabrics.

How does defoamer work?

The insoluble defoamer substances will actively work on the surface. These substances will immediately spread when poured and will coat the foam/bubble surface. Some defoamer molecules will replace detergent molecules. As a result of this reaction, the foam will be separated and completely dissolved.

What are the advantages of Kispray Conditioner compare to other softener?

Kispray Conditioner uses biodegradable substances, makes it more environmentally friendly. More than that, Kispray Conditioner offers 5 advantages in 1 product.  Kispray Conditioner also contains defoamer that works faster in dissolving foam by just 1 rinse, while the color protection formula can reduce color fading on clothing when being dried under direct sunlight.

How to use Kispray Conditioner?

You may refer to the using instructions printed on the back label of every Kispray Conditioner’s packaging.
For hand-wash, pour 1 sachet of Kispray Conditioner into 5 liters of water or ½ capful of Conditioner into 10 liters of water on the first rinse. Soak your laundry for 15 minutes, and then wring it without having to rinse again. For machine-wash, pour 1-2 sachets or ½-1 capful of Kispray Conditioner into first-rinse water, and then spin your laundry without having to rinse again.
If there is too much foam, clothes are too dirty, jeans or towels, or clothes on bleaching, you must rinse them first with water until the bleaching or foam is dissolved.

Can Kispray Conditioner be used on any types of fabric?

Kispray Conditioner can be used on any types of clothing material and fabric that require wet-cleaning in their laundering process. For specific types of uncommon clothing materials, you may refer the method of washing to the clothing label to ensure whether wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning method is required.

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