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Garglin is an antiseptic liquid mouthwash that contains a combination of Chlorhexidine Gluconate antiseptic and Sodium Chloride which are useful for relieving sore throat or pharyngitis, curing canker sore and cleansing mouth from food particles and germs.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate concentrate distracts the metabolism in bacteria’s cell membrane, causing death to bacteria, while Sodium Chloride relieves inflammation.

Pharyngitis means a sensation of thickening or swelling in the area of larynx, deeper red in color with white spots and painful when swallowing food. Pharyngitis can affect daily activities and potentially lead to more serious conditions such as rheumatic fever.


  1. To relieve sore throat and pharyngitis
  2. To freshen Breath
  3. To clean mouth from food particles and germs
  4. To heal canker sores
  5. To heal gingivitis

Product Distribution

Garglin Packaging

No Packaging Carton Configuration
1 Hanger 8 Packs x 6 Hangers x 12 Sachets (15 ml)
2 Box 8 Packs x 12 Boxes x 6 Sachets (15 ml)

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Product FAQ
Are there any indications that a person needs to use Garglin?

Garglin is indicated to relieve mouth inflammations such as gingivitis or throat inflammation caused by bacteria. Garglin is also effective for reducing germs hidden in the mouth which causes bad breath.

What are the contraindications of consuming Garglin?

Garglin is contraindicated for individuals who are hypersensitive to one of the concentrations found in Garglin.

What are the usage instructions and how to use Garglin?

Pour 1 sachet of Garglin into mouth, lift your head up, gargle a little deeper in between mouth and throat for at least 30 seconds. During gargling period, you can take short pause for a couple of times to breathe without throwing out the liquid. Use 3 – 4 sachets daily.

Are there any side effects of using Garglin?

No serious side effects found in using chlorhexidine at recommended dosage. The side effect which is generally found is a short term changing of taste sensory after using chlorhexidine product which will  disappear after approximately 5 minutes. There are no side effects found on swallowing the liquid.

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